halloween in vega$

by Nikki Desuasido in , , ,

i've been a bear in hibernation from my blog but now it's time to finish the year strong! i don't even know how 2010 is already closing in but as always, I wanted to do something different each day/month/year/occasion than before.. so what better way to spend my favorite holiday- Halloween, than anywhere else in the world- VEGAS!


I've always wanted to be an Indian but thought it was so typical.. but since Joanna was going to be a Cowboy.. I figured it would look cute since we always go as a pair each year. Unfortunately her outfit didn't go as planned so her maverick and i all became one tribe.

We made our costumes from scratch in a day and it was the best $25 spent on feathers, material, and fur.


I'll admit I can get pretty creative when it comes to costumes, although for once, I really just wanted to be something simple. Not a cartoon character, not something animated again.. and in deciding to go down this route I knew I definitely needed to turn it up a notch.. more so for vegas- you can pretty much get away with anything out here.

I'm the kind that likes to be different and like most people, my biggest nightmare would be to run into someone who had the same exact costume on. I'm also the kind that loves animal print, particularly leopard so I thought it would be neat to simply body paint that as my costume all over... and oh money.


Just like in the movie Mean Girls, my $5 cat ears and $8 tail aren't the only things to give away my costume.
So if someone asks me what I'm dressed up as, I think I'm entitled to say ---
"i'm a leopard, duh!" :)