World Series Champions!

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After a crazy fun Halloween weekend in Vegas.. We came back just in time to watch game 5 .. Literally got off the plane, redressed, headed to the Marina to grab a bite at Pizza Orgasmica then catched the last 3 innings at East Side West to celebrate the Giants winning the World Fucking Series!!!!

FYI- champagne showers look so much funner on TV.. not when it's literally RAINING inside of alcohol. But the taste of victory was definitely sweet and witnessing history and being a part of the whole hoopla made me very proud to be from the Bay Area.

Getting drenched wouldn't have felt as bad if our destination within the next 15 minutes didn't require us to look somewhat presentable or at least just dry. But we pressed on with the rest of our energy.. watched my girl Ingrid Michaelson perform at the Fillmore- who is more fabulous in person and after the concert continued the celebration at Matrix.

I have never seen San Francisco go insane like tonight.
Happy vibes everywhere.



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V is for VICTORY!
Congratulations GIANTS!!