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And just when you think San Francisco couldn't get any better this month.. the hype of the playoffs happens and then the cherry on top ----> the Giants make it to the World Series!!!

World Series Game 1
Momo's SF

Tickets were SUPER expensive but I knew I wanted to be in all the action during this time so we made reservations early in advance and watched the game at Momo's- located right across the AT&T Park. There are no words to describe how exciting it was to be in this area and feel the energy all around. Adding another cherry, some guys next to our table were so kind to pay for our extremely high bill just because we won! Such a sweet unexpected gesture to celebrate the first win! Go us and go GIANTS!! :)

World Series Game 2
BJ's San Bruno

I haven't seen my best friend Tomiko in ages since she just gave birth a few months ago. Her request to stay close enough to home so she can get back to her newborn allowed us to simply watch the game at BJ's. A couple of us started the happy hour early to lock down a good seat and even though we weren't in SF, the vibe was as if we were inside the game! And now the real maraschino cherry? The mall was still open so a drunken walk to Forever 21 was in a radius too close to miss! Let's just say while Rachael shopped.. Tomiko, Maria and I had a hay-day messing with the $5 bin and a mirror. Oh what good times.. High fives all day!