fancy footwork

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secondhand shirt/dress, aldo's headband, jeffey campbell boots, kimchee & blue scarf, coach wristlet

i really intended to see the blue angels at pier 39 but instead i spent the entire days of my weekend at home, part bc the weather made me lazy, maverick has a cold, and my nightings out have left me exhausted.

so i've been feeling a little under the weather too and stayed in playing this highly addictive game on my iphone- which by the way has got to be one of the greatest inventions to date. there isn't anything i can't do on my iphone- and although im exagerrating- i really love it.

i watched couples retreat and they said that technology is just a big distraction.. and if so well i've definitely accomplished that with all the cool apps on my phone. heck, ask any parent with this phone. mav is so fascinated by it, it's way too easy to blog while he's reading the baby flash cards, singing along to wheels on the bus or staring at videos of himself.

and the reason why i'm hyping it so much is because it was a lifesaver for me saturday night when i went to go see chromeo at the mezzanine. we were so close as he performed and got to hang out with him backstage! :) i had no camera- but luckily i was able to take pictures through my phone and it may not be the best quality- but it definitely did the job.

and i know i said it before, but i LOVE these boots. they were hot- literally- (in the tone how rachel zoe pronounces it) so there is no question about it keeping warm for winter wear.

if there is anything i'm happy about besides my super smiley kid that loves to snuggle- i have a queen bed and i have no idea why we always end up towards the very end- talk about bed hog, i had a very non-productive weekend that still felt relaxing and my highlight was definitely saturday night.. oh fun fun fun times!