i've got a date with the rain!

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audrey 3+1 dress, f21 booties, kimchee & blue cardigan

i'm not mad about the weather since it feels pretty refreshing outside and luckily we took these pictures before it started to pour. i don't think i remember the last time i've seen it rain so hard and driving on the freeway definitely required much more concentration. anyway, i'm recovering from a cold and words with friends has taken over my life. i had another squash pupusa for lunch from pupusa salvadorena. add the cabbage from the ziplock and 2 packs of hotsauce with a horchata and that's what i call a meal! ahhh 90210 is on in 5 minutes! gtg! xo. lol :)

oh wait, one more thing.. i've been crazy about banana nut bread from trader joes.. my room mate and i have baked this non stop- it makes our home smell so good! add chocolate chips and you've got yourself a perfect dessert!