current obsessions

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-> my jeffrey campbell thigh high boots
yes with a heel! and thank god they're NOT patent leather! :)

-> words with friends iphone application (scrabble/literati)
*WARNING- this game is highly addictive- i spent hours occupied playing multiple people all saturday so i forced myself to take a chill pill this evening.

-> abbreviations, acronyms, and other fun words
get your point across short and sweet
hugs and kisses simply becomes xoxo
"vamoose" sounds much cooler than "let's go"

-> chromeo!!!
met them at the mezzanine on saturday and hung out with dave 1 backstage :) pissed that i didn't have a camera- AGAIN!

which reminds me things i'm in need of asap...

-> a new point and shoot camera
i hear this casio is great bc it captures your images in slow motion.

-> a manicure/pedicure
my nails are DISGUSTING right now- one of my pet peeves.

-> the new ipod nano
bc i'm so bored with my workout routine, i could use some good music for the motivation

-> a tropical destination
to get away from the cold since i function best when its 75 degrees or warmer :) plus i could use a tan to last me through the winter.

anyhow, i am currently working on listing a bunch of stuff on my store- so thank you for your patience and i've also got a lot of questions about where i got my popeye and flinstone halloween costumes-- i made/styled them myself :)