i'm in the bay trick..

by Nikki Desuasido in , , , ,

F21 leggings, NikiBiki wifebeater, H&M zip up hoodie, Mango wedges, H&M fanny pack

"you look kinda cute.. in that polka dot leggings girrrlllllll.."

I watched the Bay Bridge Series as the San Francisco Giants took on the Oakland A's on this sunny Sunday, making it a perfect afternoon to watch the game and enjoy garlic fries, hot dogs, churro's and ice cream.

I remember I used to be crazy about baseball jerseys in middle and high school, however, I think all those went out with a toss and keep session way back. At least someone was able to tell which team I routed for from my fanny pack- which btw, these things are amazing. I have never felt so much ease holding my things like this.

I then watched The Hangover- which I highly recommend to go see. Too funny. Ahh.. and Bradley Cooper makes me drool.