alley cat

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Solemio skirt, BCBG top, Steve Madden heels, Bebe & Liz Claiborne bracelets

Went to my cousin's daughter's baptism celebration. Ate at Alimango's, a trendy Filipino restaurant located in San Mateo well known for it's crab, hence the name. Went home then walked to the beach which was a breeze.. coming back up the hill was a different story. Maverick's UPPA Baby stroller finally got some use again (wish we had the bugaboo instead), oh but I did try out my new Ergo baby carrier since he grew out of his Baby Bjorn already. Created my username on facebook even though I hardly go on that thing. But now you can find me at

Anyhow, I will try my best to get to all your requests... thank you all for the love.
xoxo, nikki