crop this

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Obesity & Speed cropped tank top, Jolt skinny pants, BP bracelets, Betsey Johnson shoes

there was once this quote:
"those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind"

i enjoy eating out, dressing up, partying, and traveling the world because i like to live life to the fullest. i don't know what it is about my personal life "anonymous" readers feel so strongly about, but i like to touch my hair when i pose bc sometimes i don't know what to do with my hands but want to take a picture of my outfits bc yes i love my clothes, my style, and whether you think it implies that i'm full of myself or are just clearly not aware that there are a ton of other fashion blogs like mine- take it or leave it and find fulfillment in commenting on something else because i could care less to see your negativity nor do i want your opinion.

anyway, i ate at sushi bistro and with over 600 reviews, i'd agree and say this japanese joint is a hit. parking can be a bit of a challenge even on a tuesday evening but i think it's definitely worth checking out. oh and i'm all about crop tops like these.. i saw this one on Juley's blog of swankheights and knew i had to have it.

xoxo, nikki