behold a lady

by Nikki Desuasido in , , ,

love productive days and lately my schedule has been non-stop hence the lack of blog posts. i apologize and thank you for your patience. something i've been telling myself is that i will relax more and visit the gym religiously like i did once upon a time. valentine's day is right around the corner and can't wait to watch that movie!!! :)

debating whether to remain blonde or darken up my locks for a new look, can't wait to go somewhere tropical once again and possibly ride a horse off into the ocean... i have a fascination for horses, unicorns, or ponies..

i want to acknowledge those closest to me who help me fall asleep late at night.. but i really have to give major credit to the television and dvd player in my bedroom that's finally making some use.. i never knew how to just sit still.

my new years resolution of just lotioning my body everyday so far so good has done me wonders. There's a phrase"relaxi taxi" a friend used to say to me all the time and now that i'm starting to veg out more it's actually making sense, so i'm sure all of the above will do me justice. anyway, with that said i'll leave it at good night and i'll post new looks very soon. stay tuned. xoxo.