dear joanna

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happy birthday bitch <3

it was joanna's birthday today and we celebrated her big day with a shabang at sloane sf. this used to be the old duplex and i was highly impressed with the remodel. aside fashion, i'm a big fan of interior design or bottom line, aesthetically pleasing visuals because i just adore pretty things. however, i was just a tad bit bothered by how the second photo looked similar to the movie the shining of those twins down the hallway but other than that i really love this top since i like ruffles, which speaking of, the cheddar & sour cream flavor are my favorite.

forever 21 top, american apparel skirt, jessica simpson heels, gucci watch

i've gone living, so please excuse the shortage of blog posts since I've been on a mini vacay in San Francisco pampering myself on the hunt to find my favorite luxury spots to really enjoy the moment and smell the flowers without capturing it in a picture.. so the break was much needed, i thank you for your patience and going forward i will try my best to be more consistent. :)

Top 3 fun filled new things:
- hair cut/dye @ di pietro todd on fillmore for the first time
- manicure/pedicure @ sensi on irving- my new salon of choice
- shu uemura lashes

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