where's nikki?

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adidas RESPECTme jacket & shirt/dress, forever 21 skirt, secondhand sperry topsider boat shoes, f21 glasses, rolex watch, favorite honeycomb ring, betsey johnson earrings, le sportsac backpack, zebra american apparel bra, victorias secret blue & white polka dot panties

if a picture is worth a thousand words then i could find a million :)

My brother gave me the jacket and dress as a birthday gift and normally I'm a picky kinda gal- (especially with clothes) but it was perfect. Sometimes we're so quick to exchange something we think we don't like, before it grows on us or even give it a try.

I felt like a mix between Where's Waldo and a schoolgirl which is very fitting for the fun mood I've been in lately. 2009, my New Years Resolution was to travel somewhere each month and this year 2010, I'm on my journey home. :)

These photo's were taken by my old childhood friend Mike Payad at Sellick Park in South San Francisco. And this is what I look like as fresh and radiant as I can be- no makeup, hair products, or a week in the gym- stripped and I still feel like I'm glowing! :)

call it what you want but i'm on a natural high on life and the feeling is unbelievable