back to basics

by Nikki Desuasido in , ,

my only new years resolution:

ever notice how fast people brush their teeth, lol? well that's just as fast as i lotion my body. and for someone who seems to notice everything, funny how i don't even pay attention to the little things for myself. ;) and sometimes we forget it's just the simple things in life we need. bc i have to admit after purchasing my first hair brush in years did feel nice :)

so after a week of getting my life together- teeth cleaned from the dentist, my eyes checked, a regular doctor visit, getting enough sleep, working out, eating right, and putting my health as number 1! and what do you know--- my voice is back in FULL EFFECT! loves. ;)
some things just never get old..
everyone needs reminders &
i'm very blessed to surround myself with positive energy because it's exactly what i need! :)

happy 2010