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so for thanksgiving and black friday..

i've finally updated my

since you've been patiently waiting for this post, i first wanted to thank you all for your love and warm messages on facebook, twitter, and emails. you definitely make blogging worth while. it's pretty neat to have such a sweet fan base/readers/followers and i appreciate it with all my heart.

and because of the long wait, i've included to sell items highly requested that i've worn the past year throughout my blog.

and again...

Make a difference when you shop! Donations from my eBay listings go towards the Divine Mercy Eucharistic- Mary's House located in San Pablo, CA. I feel very strong about this cause because it provides an outlet for pregnant women to turn, give the option as a halfway house so women do not need to choose abortion and helps women get back on their feet after childbirth. This home is run by donations from the proceeds of their volunteer-run thrift shop and because I felt very fortunate during my pregnancy, I relate to the importance of how having the support can make such an impact :)

Happy Shopping!