early bird

by Nikki Desuasido in , , , ,

navy bb dakota pinstripe blazer, black lyrcra american apparel leggings, forever 21 booties & tank, zara pouch

so i'll admit in the past i've been notorious for lagging.. but nowadays im pretty punctual which is why im usually ready first. believe it or not it doesn't take me very long to get dolled up.. and i too surprise myself often.. but that usually happens when i already know what to wear.. and this is what i look like waiting patiently to get the night started distracting myself on my iphone catching up on words with friends or reading my tweets but now ive decided to update my blog so here you go :)

today: workout in marina, lunch with my favorite ladies at thai bbq, visited my mom's, hung out with mav, and now about to head to a comedy show.....