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this year for halloween i decided to be DJ Lance Rock of the childrens tv show Yo Gabba Gabba. Initially i felt very clever for coming up with this idea but as I mentioned to people what I was dressing up as, I realized, unless you have a toddler like maverick who dances to this show non-stop, I was going to be one of those- what the hell are you?- and it definitely isn't the most attractive costume before i altered it, but i still didn't care :) to my surprise there were a bunch of people who recognized what i was which made it well worth it.

i purchased the male adult costume and my seamstress was able to hooch it up making the oversized longsleeve a crop top and the jogging pants into biker shorts. the boombox i got from an estate sale for $10 and just glued colored hologram and felt paper to design it like the actual one.

and luckily halloween fell on a weekend, giving the opportunity to dress up as multiple costumes. friday night i was a girl scout. i scored on an actual retro uniform from the salvation army for only $6 and purchased the real cookies months ago and have been saving it for this. i would've had the whole variety of boxes but my niece ate them and couldn't resist- they're actually really good.

i'll post more photo's as i collect them from everyones cameras.. hope everyone had a fun and safe halloween! xo.