new & old

by Nikki Desuasido in , , ,

i love san francisco. this city has so much to offer, even after 25 years of living in the bay there are the same old things you get bored of but no matter what i always find something new and different to experience. i guess you can apply this idea to your wardrobe since i often wear the same things but try and mix it up with different articles to get various looks. that's why i love going thrift shopping because i always seem to find something unique and it forces you to become creative. And I love incorporating old and new, cheap and expensive, and putting it all together and making it work.

f21 skirt/dress, steve madden heels, h&m beanie

like this dress which is actually a skirt.. i love playing with proportions and buying things a size bigger to make it into something else and vice versa.. oh and i know i've worn these shoes a gazillion times but they're super comfy and like the pearls they're just a staple in a lot of things i wear and like.

and even though i love my car, i still want an old vintage mercedes convertible... something like a weekend getaway ride to cruise in.. maybe it has to do with fond memories of when my parents would drive around those classic mercedes when i was a little girl in the 80's but these things rock.