pump it

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f21 jeans, bakers booties, lna tank, american apparel tube, carerra sunglasses

my stupid back left tire is cursed with getting nails.. i've patched up, replaced and gone back to get it fixed numerous times which is so annoying.. i'm waiting for my new tire to arrive since it wasnt in stock.. but after i fill it up with air, the light goes away and i hope for my safety till the meantime.. ugh.. anyway this is the first time i learned how to pump air by myself and didn't know what a simple task it was or why i ever thought i needed someone else to do it for me.

anyway, i'm digging neons and grays right about now and i'm in dire need to touch up my roots. i really want an in n out burger again since it really hit the spot the night i had it before i watched love happens- which btw is a cute movie. and check out this Black Eyed Peas perfomance on Oprah.. WOW! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!!!!

I'm easily impressed with little things. And I read this quote on my current obsession twitter that RevRunWisdom said,
"The little things are the best things.. Why do you think God made so many of em?"