indulge much?

by Nikki Desuasido in , , , ,

thrifted sweater, f21 leggings, bakers shoes, h&m jacket, zara pouch, carerra sunglasses

i live in the sunset and it was extra foggy this morning so i layered up real well only to realize it was actually a nice sunny day.. so i started removing the jacket and sweater in my car only to realize again that the AC in the building at work is freezing making it feel like it was first thing this morning & put everything back on. at least this outfit was super cozy that it got me to get my ass to the gym... donuts are dangerous- but yummy! another thing i discovered was facebook and twitter are great applications to occupy and entertain your time since i really engrossed myself for the first time in fb today and it was quite amusing. anyway i'm tired. but thanks for the emails again. i finally washed my hair since a nest was creating in the back. night!