work it out

by Nikki Desuasido in

There's nothing that looks better on clothes than a toned fit body. So why not fall in love with getting in shape? Working out has been something I've dreaded before but here are some easy steps I do to making it happen.
  •  Get in the habit. It doesn't matter if you're tired, hungover, it's raining, it's too nice- GO. I make working out such a part of my daily routine it's like brushing my teeth. I MAKE it a MUST so that "I can't or I have no time" is impossible.
  • Make working out enjoyable. Before when I used to run my ass on the treadmill like a gerbil, I made sure I had an enjoyable playlist to get me hyped and juiced.. Now that I sit my lazy butt on the bicycle, I read. I love to read and this time also allows me to catch up on my emails, text messages, plan out my day- and before you know it, you'll watch time fly.
  • Diet. It's honestly the only way to go. I don't mean anything crazy but never underestimate the power of portions and replace certain foods so you don't feel deprived. For example, I love chocolate milk- but now I drink light soy chocolate milk and i LOVE it. I never liked vegetables before but now I love salads- believe me there are many delicious salads that go beyond a caesar. For me, maybe after gaining 50lbs and eating everything in sight for 9 months you become quite disgusted with the junk you used to eat. You can still indulge, I encourage it, but everything in moderation is key.
  • Be consistent. I can't stress enough how much this played such an important factor in discovering how much weight I've lost. In the 50lbs I lost in 2 months, I honestly did not see results instantly. It was a gradual process that took heart and dedication, but time flew by fast and so did my pre-pregnant body.
  • Reap the rewards. Treat yourself to something nice when you accomplish mini goals, enjoy the compliments and watch yourself feel good that you actually WANT to keep up the hard work. And you'll see working out can not only be healthier but actually make you feel real good inside.
My typical work out day:
  • I go to a real janky gym. You don't really need anything fancy. Cute workout clothes are neither required either unless you really want to. I honestly get up sometimes in my pajamas and glasses just to get myself to go first thing in the morning. I worry about getting cute after.
  • I don't do anything drastic. I bike for 30 minutes, an hour if I have time and a good read. 2 arm machines of 4 sets of 20- these are pretty similar to push ups only the lazy version. Then I do a shit load of sit ups- on an ab bench! :)
  • I WANT to eat healthy bc I know how hard it is to work out and I don't want to regain it all back in 5 minutes of eating a whole roll of microwaved cookie dough.
  • Although don't get me wrong, I have my days where I'm pure lazy, eat my late night mcdonalds after a big night out, just ask my friends they'll tell you how disgusting it is.. or inhale a whole bag of cadbury mini eggs in one sitting- yes i know, but just the smell inside of the bag makes me salivate.. haha. But I don't beat myself up for it, I just make up for it and work out hard the next day.