asian fashion

by Nikki Desuasido in , ,

vogue korea march 2009

for those that think asian fashion is not forward,  think again.
fashion can be interpreted in so many different ways and i'm very drawn to this style for reasons i can go on and on about.. but to name a few..
  • beauty makes fashion so much more appealing.. the girls are just drop dead gorgeous-from their skin, to their hair, to their fresh makeup and their petite frames, they make the clothes they're wearing look so simple, chic, and well put together.
  • their styles can range from elegant to wild to funky to boho to goth or even a combination of it all and they still can pull it off! their outfits are very creative and unique in their own way and there's a certain quirkiness they carry within them that is oh so cute and irresistible.
  • being in Hong Kong and Japan, I was so inspired by how fashionable women are and I hear all the rave that Korea is just as trendy, so I might have to put that on my go to list to see one of these days.