Umbrella Girl

by Nikki Desuasido in , ,

(Unit dress, secondhand belt, Franco Sarto espadrilles)

Even though I'm not too big on salt and more of a pepper loving kinda gal, I still adore the Morton Salt Umbrella Girl. I have an old friend who loved salt so much he might as well have used this spout to season his fries.

Anyway, the Morton message is "even in rainy weather [salt] flows freely" and I love this because I find beauty in the resilience people hold in difficult times. Word of advice I've always appreciated is that you can't please everyone so you might as well just please yourself.. and for those I can't this message is for you, I take your words with a grain of salt and shake it off- then get inspired and take a picture :)

On a different note, I always get asked who takes my pictures and most of the daily candids are usually done by my friends with my now upgraded digital panasonic lumix t5 which i'm absolutely in love with. It captures amazing pictures without the flash! 

And for the better shots like these (and most of the ones these past few days) have been taken by my friend since I was 12 years old, Mike Payad, who's such an amazing and talented photographer. Check him out.. he's great and I give credit to him for capturing all the fun photo's you love :)