ask and you shall receive

by Nikki Desuasido in ,

all my children

my main squeeze

his outfit is so fun :) check out his tail... 8 months and on his way to walking!

yes, his hat says maverick :) got this made for $1 in the Philippines!!

Wicket & Chloe

(dress topshop, shoes FCUK)

Some things you wouldn't know about me...
  • i love to slurp my foods.. (the milk in my cereal, chocolate milk) and i mean LOUDLY. for some reason i feel it's an action that makes the food taste so much better.. and considering i'm a pretty expressive person, that's definitely one of my favorite ways to enjoy something.. ssssslllluurrrrrrrrpppp!
  • i love to drive fast, windows down, heaters up, music blasted and sing my heart out. lol.
  • i know i talk about ritz crackers a lot.. but it's one of the foods i love that just hits the spot. wheat thins do the job as well.. and pocky.
  • i spend ridiculous amounts of money on magazines and books.
  • leave me at a barnes and noble or borders and i'll be occupied for hours.. 
  • texting with one hand on my iphone fassst is another amazing talent i possess. ha- or maybe it's the asian in me.
  • i like the feeling of paying for something in exact change- maybe it's because i hate putting my money back in my wallet and coins just create a havoc inside my purse.
  • i do not like the feeling of driving behind a slow ass car. ugh.
  • i enjoy mcdonalds even after reading fast food nation and knowing how bad it is for you.. i love it and think my system is immune to the garbage. 
  • i'm a BIG time dog lover. well.. mainly my dogs. I have 2 shiba inu's- Wicket and Chloe who have been such a big part of my life.
  • I may not be the world's best mother (I wasn't really shooting for that role) and yes I might be away for a few days in the month to see the world and even at that go out once a week with my friends at night or enjoy an hour or 2 out in the day to breathe.. but Maverick is my heart and he's always well loved and taken cared of and that's all that should matter to anyone interested in prying with the personal questions.