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(ZOA NY white v neck, Folded & Hung red denim skirt, FCUK wedges)

There's something about a red clothing item that just makes an outfit pop. Whether it be shoes, a purse or even a skirt like this one above. And speaking of red I've been seeing those shirts from GAP everywhere suggesting words to- get INSPI(RED), be ADMI(RED), feel EMPOWE(RED), be DESI(RED), ADO(RED), TREASU(RED) or be simply BO(RED). There are many ways you can make a difference when you shop because no matter how much you do, it's in giving where you ultimately feel fulfilled. This (RED) initiative consists of a partner of brands, where every time you purchase a (RED) product or service the company will give up to fifty percent of it's profit to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa. To date, the (RED) idea has generated more than $120 million for the global fund. So when you buy (RED) you save lives, so take action and join the (RED) movement.