boudin bakery, sf

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(dress & belt TOPSHOP, wedges FCUK, purse MANGO)

Boudin Bakery is an original San Francisco Company, famous for it's Sourdough French Bread and clam chowder. Being SF's oldest running company, they continue to provide fresh quality food at affordable prices. I think I ate here everyday on my break from work and I highly recommend the "Best of Boudin's" and get a turkey avocado sandwich on a croissant with a side of spring salad- it's an excellent combination.

We went to the flagship location at the Wharf and this place is massive. 
Anyway,  thank you for your comments!  Aside from being a mom, I started my blog at my quarter life making 2009 a year to just take action! I've always had the love to travel and dine out and after being on a hiatus for 9 months I just wanted to continue my dreams of exploring the world and taste everything life has to offer! I review places I love, go to, and offer my experiences with you.

And after the numerous messages on myspace I get about where I got certain clothes or questions about places I went, I decided to showcase everything on a blog. I know most girls hate to say where they got something from, but sharing is caring!

And bc my closet is too small to hold all the contents of everything I consume,  I decided to sell stuff to my friends and I currently sell my clothes that I've loved on my eBay store.

So I'm like a Nikki Survey or what I like- Hello Nikki- in the pursuit of being able to travel then blog and be at home with Mav so it works out well. 

And giving back means such a big thing to me which is why building an awareness on cerain issues plays such a huge part in my blogging.

So thank you all for your inquisitiveness. I do have an amazing family, the best of friends and a beautiful life- I feel truly blessed and I thank God every chance that I get. 

 Always remember, life isn't about what happens to you it's about what you do that makes a difference. Glad you all are getting a kick. ;)  Cheers.