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I love love the contrast San Francisco designer Alexander Wang showed in his Spring 2009 collection. "Like the collection itself, the girls he dresses stand out, but not in the obvious ways... more like the black sheep in a crowd-inspiring, surprising and slightly mysterious."

This balancing act is something my style has definitely reflected as I live off of an effortless cool look. I never want to appear like I'm trying too hard yet at the same time, I love to look polished and well put together and I try to express that in my outfits. 

I cleaned out my closet and discovered that all the different pieces I carried transcended into multiple fashion personas inside me. I realized I am not afraid to experiment and through the vast selection of articles I carry I have different versions of myself and organizing the chaos underlined  the process of defining who I truly am which is why I feel more clarity. 

I fall into that mixture of a little bit of everything- edgy, luxurious, classy, funky, boho, chic, sporty, retro, beachy, casual, bummy, trendy, glamorous- it all depends since I'm a mood dresser and I view getting dressed as an opportunity for creativity and uniqueness and of course it also varies on the activity I'll be partaking in. I have days where I love to be in sweats and other days where I'm dramatic but one thing's for sure, my style loves to be an entrance maker and it is always constantly evolving and being refined.

 Either way, if you rely on clothes as emotional props, then this is the way I'm currently feeling. After all, fashion is way of turning yourself inside out, and lately I feel bold.