by Nikki Desuasido


aritzia jacket, thrift shirt, zara shoes, bayo shorts, xxi necklace, rayban sunglasses

My fourth of July was pretty low key. Dinner at Delarosa and watched a movie. I've been watching a ton of movies these days, guess I'm making up for loss times. It's been a whirlwind since getting back from the Hamptons and is why it's taking me so long to post those pictures. (They'll be up this week, I promise.) We celebrated Maverick's birthday on the 2nd and can't believe he's already 4. Time sure flies. Anyway, I'm really loving my short do and am happy I finally got to sport this Top Gun shirt I got forever ago from the Goodwill. Cut it up since the neckline was too high and seriously have been wearing this jacket non stop. I have no intention of switching it out of rotation from my closet any time soon either and I'm definitely going to get a lot of wear from these heels too.

Happy Birthday to my very handsome boy :)