by Nikki Desuasido

I have talked nonstop about the Westfjords, so here are a few pictures of fun things we encountered while we were there: 1. Lopapeysa - these Icelandic woolen sweaters are itchy but will keep you super warm as the temperature drops and when the winds try to swallow you/ 2. Hvammstangi Cottages - this was such a cute cabin and one of our favorite accommodations. It’s a good resting point after Myvatn to break up the long drive to the Fjords/ 3. Geitafell - It took a lot of faith searching for this restaurant, dressed in a castle. Driving on gravel, along the coast, for over 30 minutes as a storm was about to hit made it quite the trek, but it was definitely worth it and the food (vegetable soup and skyr) did not disappoint/ 4. Puffins at the Latrabarg Cliffs - this is THE place for for sightseeing puffins/ 5. Garðar at Patreksfjörður - an old steel shipwreck in Iceland6. Icelandic Horses/  7. Iceland Churches - white churches with red roofs are peppered everywhere on the island/ 8. Heydalur Guesthouse - this is where we stayed in the Westfjords, and at the time I wasn't a major fan, but it was really such a unique experience. The restaurant was excellent and I'll never forget what it was like to travel there/ 9. Arctic Fox - definitely one of our highlights from the trip/ 10. Hiking in the Westfjords - this is one of the most pleasant hikes I've done. If you're searching for adventure and solitude, you will enjoy exploring the pristine surroundings.