Summer in Jackson

by Nikki Desuasido

I've been exploring the outdoors more these days -- based on my weekly trail runs and hikes in Marin. That got me acquainted with nature for my recent trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I took fly fishing lessons and dodged bears during a hike up to Jenny Lake. Last time, I visited during the winter so it was nice to see what this place is like in warmer temperatures. It's definitely a lot easier to move around when the weather is on your side. Lotus Cafe and The Granary were mandatory stops; along with checking out a few tourist locations like: Mormon Row, Chapel of the Transfiguration, and the National Museum of Wildlife Art.  

I've enjoyed going on these adventures and have built an entire wardrobe -- hiking boots, pants, wool socks and backpack to look the part of an experienced outdoorsman!  Excited to get more use of this gear for an upcoming trip to Iceland in August. The search for a super-serious-jacket is still on; and so far I've set my heart on an Arcteryx and Aether brand. Unfortunately, the options are limited since it's been really difficult shopping for cold-weather clothes during the summer. With that aside, my main goal is to travel as light as possible and pack like a world traveler, the kind who can fit everything in one small luggage/backpack. It'll definitely be a challenge with all the bulky clothes but here's to wishful thinking!