Man Repelling

by Nicole Desuasido

H&M kimono, Jennifer Zeuner necklace, bandeau bikini top, leopard bikini bottom, sunglasses

This past weekend, on my trip to Miami, I was able to finish a book by one of my favorite bloggers, Leandra Medine from Man Repeller. Certainly one of my highlights since her writing is so clever and witty. It was really such an easy and enjoyable read on the beach.

Since January, I've become a bit of a beach-snob after being spoiled with the crystal clear waters in Palawan. It's a little unfair to expect Miami to contend with that, but at the same time the saturation of people on the beaches was so overwhelming, it's hard not to draw that parallel of how drastically different the two places are.

Nonetheless, Miami from my memory has always been in the Awesome category of Place I've Been To And Look Forward To Returning, so I was very excited to be back. Plus, I had a few beachy pieces that didn't make an appearance in the Philippines and Miami was the perfect place to channel the diva-inspired attire!

However in this case, the embroidered kimono + bandeau top + leopard print bottom + half-tinted-sunglasses combo were apparently so "man-repelling" to my own boyfriend, he despised every second the morning I sported that get up.

Although his reaction was neither shocking and in fact, based on the book I just finished reading, his response was pretty spot on. If you need further instructions on how to do this, Man Repeller's book, Seeking Love. Finding Overalls is full of good examples.