Another Planet

by Nikki Desuasido

I'm happy we were able to make it up to Northern Iceland since the volcano eruption almost detoured the remainder of our road trip. With the possibility of a bridge closure (and the only road to pass to the next region, Myvatn), we fortunately got so lucky with timing and that made our stay there much more special

After a quick visit to Akureyri for lunch at Backpackers Cafe, a cute coffee stop at Blaa Kannan Cafe, and some window shopping around town, we headed towards our next hotel at Vogafjós Guesthouse. On the way, you will see many interesting sights that will make you feel like you're literally on another planet. We checked out the Krafla Lava Fields, Viti CraterHverarondor Hverir, along with Jardbodin vid Myvatn. Oh and brace yourself for the smell of sulphur -- it's basically the equivalent to rotten eggs and will take some time getting used to.