The Red Iguana

by Nicole Desuasido


Salt Lake City is a ghost town during Labor Day weekend so if you're looking to get away from all the madness and avoid the crowds, come here. Alex and I were surprised how empty the streets were. And aside the guests inside our hotel at the Monaco that's located right in the heart of downtown and the minimal tourists inside City Creek Center, a new outdoor shopping mall, it's a pretty quiet city with almost zero traffic. We thought that up until we decided to eat at the Red Iguana and it was then when we realized -- so this is where all the people in Salt Lake are!  If you want the best Mexican food in Utah, look no further. I got a cheesy quesadilla, guacamole and Alex ordered the Gringas. Both were excellent, along with the killer strawberry margarita that I can already taste just thinking of it. And to top it off, we got lucky we didn't even have to wait in line! 5 stars hands down.