Concrete Wall

by Nicole Desuasido


Michael Kors heels, JBrand pants, Mango sweater, Guess Marciano vest, Celine bag, Chanel watch

This blog post is long overdue (3 weeks to be exact according to my instagram). But it seems fitting now that it's Superbowl week and owning something red can be useful to represent the 49ers. Let me be very clear-- I am no where in a position to talk about being a die-hard fan. In fact, last Sunday was the very first time I watched a full football game because honestly it's too barbaric for my liking. However, now that we're in the finish line, I will show some SF spirit and join the excitement with the rest of the city. It's just a sport that never appealed to me but it is pretty cool since the Giants won the World Series and with the Niners making it to the Superbowl, I'll get on the bandwagon just because it's fun to participate in the action. #whynot