Makeup edition

by Nicole Desuasido


Believe it or not it takes me less than 15 minutes to get ready in the morning. I select my outfits the night before and my makeup routine is nailed down to the T. Clearly I've minimized a few steps to speed up the process but this is pretty much what it takes for me to look polished: I use a tinted moisturizer for coverage, apply powder to set, contour my cheeks, dab on some blush for color, define my brows, line my eyes, add mascara then curl my lashes and after that, I'm all set. I don't require as much now since the older I get the more taxing it sounds to add anything else and personally less is more. However, I would be remiss to not emphasize the power of lashes, so if I'm feeling more dedicated I'll throw on some #7's from MAC, more time and maybe* I'll bust out some shadow. Both are very rare nowadays since to me, simpler = better. But then again I'm old fashion so if you're in for something more complex check out ProjectFace. My gf Rei does a killer smoky eye and is my go to girl to keep me in the loop of what's new. And after learning that my foundation was no longer matching my complexion, I started to branch out of my MAC hype and love love love NARS' tinted moisturizer. It makes my skin look flawless and I dust a little loose powder-- I like Bare Essentials because it leaves my skin looking natural and dewy. I will not be going back to my old foundation but for lipstick & lipgloss, I will forever remain loyal to MAC. Nothing else has seemed to top that just yet and for blush, I lost my beloved Fafi Hipness blush but I was introduced to NARS and it basically does the same job.