Hair care

by Nicole Desuasido


I've been a loyal Pureology user for so many years but since I no longer have blonde hair, highlights or long locks,  I made a switch to Kiehl's and have no intention of going back. After cutting my hair, I have enjoyed every second of it and love the combination with one all over color. It's easier to maintain and the roots are less noticeable. I currently go to Di Pietro Todd in the Fillmore for all my hair needs. The price is a little bit steep compared to what I used to pay but it's worth every penny and is somewhere I can trust no matter what. Before I used to see Mola Raxakoul who did an amazing job with my hair extensions. It's nice to have that option if I ever miss my long hair but that is probably not happening in the near future. Sunshine Duong was my long time colorist so if you're in the Mountain View area she is your go-to girl. I consider her a master at blonde hair for Asians and always loved that my hair never came out brassy. Lately, I've only been wearing my hair straight but it's also the perfect length to put up in a ponytail so occasionally I'll do that. I invested in a good blow dryer to get the job done much quicker and for loose waves I still love my old Hot Tools iron. Spray on some Bedhead hairspray to keep the curls from falling flat and I'm in business.