Dressed for Comfort

by Nicole Desuasido


Converse shoes, LF jeans, American Apparel tank, H&M Jacket, Zara scarf

This is a quick default outfit I usually throw on when I'm in a hurry and know I'll be running around outside in the cold. I've been trying to get in the habit more of posting my "outfit of the day" on Instagram and so far that's been going pretty well. Occasionally, I'll be a day late or so but I'm proud that I've been committed. I'm excited for all the upcoming holiday festivities, including my birthday and already have my wardrobe queued up. I'll be celebrating the last year in my twenties in Vegas and can't wait since it's a destination that's way overdue for me. I've never been there during the NYE weekend so it will be such a fun experience to end 2012 with a bang .