Fort Funston

by Nicole Desuasido


On Thanksgiving, I started my morning with a hike at Fort Funston then celebrated dinner at my dads. On Black Friday, I caught a movie in the day then watched the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Union Square. Went back to the Redwood Room to have dinner, roamed around SF and popped in at PeYale, Matrix, and The Brixton. Saturday, I grabbed my infamous super veggie sandwich from Little Lucca and enjoyed it at the Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park. Forgot how much I love the Inner Sunset, especially when the weather is as nice as it was. Went to Hillsdale later that evening and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I haven't eaten at one in forever but it was just as good as I remembered. The menu is massive but you really can't go wrong with the Fried Mac and Cheese. On Sunday I had all my favorite meals-- oatmeal for breakfast at La Boulange, custom salad for lunch at Blue Barn, a chocolate chip cookie from Susie Cakes then had my spinach ravioli at Luisa's for dinner. Other than a bike ride in the day, I layed low and watched Homeland. It was a very eventful weekend and didn't get a chance to Instagram my adventures so I'll probably post some candids on there just to recap the fun things I did.