coachella Day 3

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zara shorts, lf shorts, goorin brothers hat, hk flats

Day 3 involved another pre game pool party and riding my first ferris wheel ever. Had a Pink's hot dog and chill cheese fries before we met with everyone. Went crazy when The Weeknd played Crew Love. Caught a glimpse of Gotye then hopped over to Calvin Harris, one of my highlights of the trip. Stayed for 20 minutes into Avicii's set and watched these girls throw glitter everywhere and go wild, which btw looked very cool.  Headed over and squeezed our way up close to the Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg show. Absolutely the best part of the whole festival. I realized there is an inner gangster rapper in me for the fact that I knew every single song word for word. Blown away by each surprise performance-- to get such talented artists all on one stage. And just when I thought Kanye's performance last year would be tough to beat, Tupac was such a treat that it made it a million times better. Looking at these pictures already give me withdrawals but now with Maria's wedding, I'm so preoccupied and beyond exhausted from traveling and adjusting with the time difference that my schedule is way too hectic to pause and think of it. Luckily I had some down time to get these up before I lag again. My body still thinks it's at Coachella and wanted to reminisce while it's fresh. I'll return back here with pictures from the Philippines once I get back next week. Till then, toodles.