Must. Have.

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Most recent purchases I'm in love with

Got the cutest sunglasses turned eyeglasses the other day at Ilori. This place has the best selection when it comes to eyewear. A statement necklace from Urban to spice up any outfit since I've been spending ludicrous amounts on my health/wellness opposed to clothing/shoes. Still looking for an everyday necklace to wear like my old peace sign now gifted and hopefully in safe keeping. Lost my beloved honeycomb ring so I'd like to replace that as well. I love the smell of Baise, a Diptyque candle that I can bring around during my travels. Obsessed with this granola. I go through bags in just a week and goes perfect with my fage greek yogurt. Finally updated my cosmetic regimen. I'm old school and have been a MAC addict for years. I've tried to switch over to Makeup Forever but for some reason I did not like it. So many people have suggested it but I prefer the Studio Sculpt from MAC instead. I've been a die hard fan of Studio Fix Fluid but this gives me the same amount of coverage without such a heavy feeling. I swear it goes on like butter on my face. And I've changed my typical and messy lipglass/lustreglass to Creamsheen. This lip product gives enough color to achieve the perfect stain that adds some shine sans the stickiness. Next up is an iPhone 4s and maybe a new bag. I make lists of things I want and they magically always manifest.