rack rack city

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These bras are my favorite brands. I'm not big on Victorias Secret, I am however all about Gap Body. These were a few of my newest purchases for the year along with a bunch of super cute underwear, tons of socks, and lots of vitamins. Oh and of course after I decided to give up alcohol as my New Years resolution, the first weekend into it had to be a pre-planned wine tasting trip. I decided to be realistic and chose to 86 hard liquor instead, leaving room for wine and champagne only. But then I realized Maria's bachelorette party in San Diego next month, Coachella in April and then her wedding in the Philippines all sort of require vodka/jager to happen and I'm not setting myself up for failure. So now I changed my new years resolution (again) to just not getting any parking tickets. I swear I spent a fortune last year.