i know this feeling all too intimately

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what's in my luggage

I'm leaving to the Bahamas today and I've been anxious for this trip all week. Partly because this location isn't even on my top 10 list of places I want to visit in my lifetime so I really am going in with no agenda and no expectations which might be a pretty cool experience. This is also the first time I'm going somewhere brand new- overseas, so packing was a tad tricky since I have no idea what it's like and I don't remember the last time I've been away from home for seven days straight. I wanted to make sure I was prepared for all occasions so I had to get organized since I like to travel as light as possible but that was a bit of challenge so this is what I decided to bring just in case..

my outfits for the week

My girlfriends chose this destination and rave about the Atlantis. I've watched an episode of this resort on the Travel Channel in Dubai and it seemed sweet so with 7 girls it could be a ton of fun. I can't figure out what's making me so uneasy though since this actually should feel natural since I've got the airport routine down to a T.. but maybe the thought of being on a plane again haunts me since last week there was so much turbulence I felt like I was going to die-- and that was a much shorter flight!

LF milau top, zara belt, bayo shorts, steve madden shoes, ferragamo bag

Anyway, I went shopping downtown the other day for things on my trip but I came out with 2 fur coats, a watch I already owned but lost, these shoes above that were on sale and some toiletries. Most are irrelevant to use in the Bahamas but I guess I'll just re wear stuff I have in my closet. I don't know where I even got the idea of not wanting to wear the same thing twice once it's been photographed? Oh well, ta-ta!