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cache dress, aldos shoes

The last time I wore a long formal gown was most probably in high school for prom, which dating myself was almost 10 years ago. This dress is actually from my cotillion on my 18th birthday and fortunately my mom saved it so I was able to wear it for the Glide SF Legacy Gala. Because of that, I was at an advantage that no one would have the same exact outfit since at the benefit I did notice a lot of double ensembles which would be my worst nightmare. Sad I didn't get a photo of the back part since it dips into such a sexy deep low v but I'm happy the straps for the halter stayed up since this dress literally feels like it weighs a ton. Anyway, this event was something really dear to me since I've volunteered and served meals here several times for the past couple of years now and it's such a moving and humbling experience. If you've seen the movie The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith, this is the church it was based on. A lot of people attended this black-tie affair to raise funds for the programs that Glide Foundation provides and if you ever want to give back to the community this is a rewarding way to do so.