on rotation

by Nikki Desuasido in , ,

1/4 chicken white meat, hummus and a shit load of pickled turnips, garlic & hot sauce

Yelp has been my best friend all these years and has been my go-to app for practically all my needs in life- in whatever current location i'm in and has never failed me once! I am all about consistency and this really pertains with food. I'm one of those kinds of people who orders the same exact thing wherever they go. I hate getting disappointed especially with my meals and find comfort in knowing that what I'm eating will taste just as I had expected and will satisfy me. I've been on a Mediterranean hype and this is one of my favorite dishes for lunch from Ali Baba's in South San Francisco. This is my once a week spot but I recently tried La Mediterranee on Fillmore that was equally just as good along with Mediterranean Wraps in Palo Alto. I think this is definitely my favorite cuisine.