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we had dinner at bushi-tei to celebrate tomiko's birthday and i had a vegetarian omakase salad and the grass fed tender beef loin that was amazing. i got an email that wanted suggestions of places to eat and this is definitely one spot i would recommend, along with some other favorites that I recently went to like Nopa and Foreign Cinema in the city and Starks, Syrah Bistro, and Rosso Pizzeria up North in Santa Rosa. Dine about Town also started 2 weeks ago so that's another great way to check out some popular places in San Francisco for a fraction of the cost. I saw an article in the Chronicle of the Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants and I'm making my way down the list to see if they live up to the reviews and so far the ones that I've tried I have not been disappointed.
here's to my bestest friend in the whole wide world,
happy birthday tom!