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apparently, almost everyone i know has returned from vegas and i have yet to come back to another favorite destination of mine this year. if i could make the time i'd solely go for the pool parties- gotta love em. here's some old photos i reminisce of the good ol' days when i first fell in love with the daytime events in sin city.

this was the perfect swimsuit to wear 2.5 months after Maverick was born. It definitely stood out since most people at the time wore 2 pieces where mine and Tomiko's monokini's were rare amongst the crowd. :)


rehab 2008

this was another favorite bikini I scored in Hawaii and wore my very first time I went to rehab.

rehab 2007

i could live in a bikini but my favorite so far was the one I wore last year... (click for more photos)

rehab 2009

hope everyone is enjoying the summertime :)