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mango shirt/dress, forever 21 studded pumps. american apparel tights, victorias secret garter, hk leopard faux fur coat

intended on posting this leopard coat much sooner and have been really digging the whole garter strap look. the weather has been perfect for creating which i've taken full advantage of and have been nesting indoors, which is typically unlike me but is a side i've gotten to grow quite fond of.

2010 is flowing very nicely and i must say i hold the same gratitude and high energy in almost everything i am excited about. there are definitely areas for room in improvement such as hitting the gym more frequently, curbing my appetite, and getting down to my to do lists in the methodical order i've been so used to.. but i guess thats the beauty of the whole process and spontaneity of life with direction.. and lets just say, music sounds that much better, a sense of peace fills my heart and it just feels great to be in a place like this again :)

time sure flies.. i haven't been to a warriors game since opening night since it's usually painful to watch, but my obsession with stephen curry explains the poster i held with pride :) im surprised i haven't even made it out to the snow this season, yet another goal to add to my neverending list of must do's now/very soon..

and i know i don't update as often as before but you can always just follow me on twitter in the meantime! xo