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Natalie Portman, Marie Claire January 2010 issue

it always feels good to be busy but im typing this as i wait for my room service.. with all the holiday festivities, my body is exhausted! i'm just recovering from a bad cold and don't know how i was able to manage such a fun fun week :) hold on.. my cheeseburger, chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream has arrived. anyhow.. the airplane ride was most probably the only down time i've had and i was able to read my first magazine in ages. ive been so consumed reading a bunch of books or glued to my iphone that it felt nice to relax and enjoy an easy read.

so the cover of Marie Claire's January 2010 issue is Natalie Portman- and God, I love her. She defines natural beauty to me- she's sexy, smart, talented and single. ;)

One of my favorite words of advice from the interview was from her father where he said,

"It may take her some time to find the right man, 'because here she is, brilliantly intelligent and shockingly beautiful. The world is at her feet.' While most of us have just a handful of people to choose from, in [her] case, the options are limitless.. and if you have to sort through all the guys on earth, it takes a lot longer."

i'll be in arizona for a week and will try to update as often as i can.. so in the meantime you can follow me on twitter!!