destination: mexican riviera!

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solemio jumpsuit, balmain imitation sandals

my family and i decided to celebrate the sunny christmas season on a cruise to Cabo, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 7 days of warm weather, non-stop fine dining, delicious food, fun activities and entertainment are the perfect way to bond and share the meaning of the holidays- moments with family.

i highly recommend any family vacation to be done through a cruise, especially with children. We did a freestyle cruise through Norwegian Cruise Line- our suites were spacious and the private balcony/deck was very relaxing. I even had my very first acupuncture session and gained a couple pounds from the constant desserts that i can't wait to shed.. all in all, it is was well worth it, and this christmas wasn't white but it sure was bright! ;) hope everyone had a great time!