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i'm popeye the sailor man

eye-eye captain

meet the flintstones

halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.. well so is christmas and valentines day but i love the act of getting dressed up and being creative. last year i was popeye and then the next day i was a different kind of sailor that some like to call a sexier version. then the year before that i was fred flinstone.. and i'm still debating what i should be this year but have one costume i'm trying to put together but we'll see how that works out.. luckily this halloween is a full blown weekend which only makes it that more exciting to have lots of ideas to be! :) can't wait!

oh and last year me and my girlfriend's loved halloween so much we had a monthly costume party thereon after which usually consisted of a magicmic/rockband/karaoke-wine night which guaranteed super fun times!