walk on the wild side

by Nikki Desuasido in , , , ,

H&M scarf, silence & noise tank, bayo shorts, hk tights, steve madden booties, zara purse, hk black sweater

either i'm getting busier or time is flying faster but tomorrow will be october which means my favorite holiday halloween is just right around the corner.

anyway, i'm not genetically blessed with height so i'm usually in heels and lately these have been my go to pair, part bc i'm always in a rush and haven't had time to play dress up and put things together. i haven't had the chance to swap out the contents of my purse either so i've been using this pouch all the time.. i've rocked this sweater way too many times but i love stripes.. however no matter how often you repeat an outfit never underestimate the power of a scarf- it can automatically transform everything.

oh and my hair is most probably the most asked about question i get on my emails which if you only knew- i hardly wash. i don't even own a comb and i have more makeup brushes for my face. but i do like bedhead hairspray, and yes blondes definitely do have more fun.